The Great West Way

The Great West Way is a fantastic trail which stretch from London all the way through to Bristol. With over 500 miles of navigatable paths and and trails, you can be sure to find something of interest along the way. There are rich cultural sigts and areas of outstanding natural beauty along the way. A route which has been designed for people to experience the true heart and culture of England. Similar to Route 66 in the USA, the Great West Way looks to offer guests the ability to travel some of the best and most interesting sights in the whole of the UK ranging from the hustle and bustle of busy London to the rural countryside and meadows along the way.

It is designed to be a self guided route which allows you the flexibility to stop off atvarious diffferent attractions along the way. If it isnt of interest to you then keep going and you will be sure to find something of interest around the enxt corner.

The Great West Way is very easily accessible from Cookham with the path travelling right through the local area. If this is something that you are considering and want to stay over then Moor Hall will provide a a nice refreshment and overnight stay for weary travellers. The local village of Cookham also offers a great place to dine after a long day of walking, cycling, rowing or how ever you are planning to travel the Great West Way!