Everything was absolutely seamless....

Friday, July 19 2019

Everything yesterday was absolutely seamless. All of you were amazing. The lunch was lovely and great on turning around the timings with drinks to mains to desert. Everything was set up sufficiently to help support out offsite.

Honestly I cant fault the service you provided. A massive thank you to Alex – he was readily available when I needed him, big thank you to Daniel for all his effort in making the booklets to exactly how we wanted them. The AV guy was brilliant and when we needed support he was on hand.

A big thank you to you Nicky from the start of this event it was seamless and an absolute pleasure to work with you.

The feedback from the team so far was they really enjoyed the event, food and venue. Its great when you have trust in the people you are working with and I appreciate all your efforts.

Posted by: PA to Senior Director on Friday, July 19 2019

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