Business Support

Q. What is more intimidating than having to prepare for a presentation in front of delegates, buyers, colleagues or even your boss?

A. The answer is a having to do all of this and the presentation doesn’t work!

Solution: At Moor Hall you will have a team of trained and experienced AV technicians to get you set up in the morning and be on hand throughout the day to ensure that the key presentation is as smooth as you need it to be.

Every piece of AV and presentation equipment is tested regularly and our support team truly appreciate that the requirements of delegates, speakers and organisers are an absolute 100% priority at all times
In addition to full technical support we are also delighted to offer a business support unit to help with any last minute photocopying, printing or faxing requirements.

Our ethos is ‘the answer is yes, what’s the question’ and we will happily arrange everything from airport transfers to a birthday cake, a fleet of Segways to the trainers favourite blend of tea.

 To enquire further please contact the events team on 01628 427244, email or via our contact form.

We always felt like we were in safe hands