The perfect conference venue

Thursday, March 08 2018

Where do I start…. All I’ve heard this week is rave reviews. Our team has declared this the best Annual Team Week we’ve ever had and the best venue we’ve ever travelled to in the world. Quite a wrap!

You have been such a delight to work with. My day one, your responses were fast and thorough and I had the immediate sense of trust. You have made my experience in running Team Week so easy and enjoyable. In every encounter you’ve gone the extra mile for me and I’ve appreciated every moment of it.

Moor Hall has been a wonderful venue for us. It’s such an attractive venue and we’ve really appreciated: • the natural light coming into the meeting rooms with lots of glass • the chance to get outside as we move between our rooms, lunch and the meeting space - it’s a great perspective reset and the fresh air works wonders! • the food has been fabulous • the meeting space perfectly met our needs. The two adjoining rooms and side meeting rooms perfectly met our needs, the proximity to toilets, catering, etc was easy, and the ongoing availability of tea and coffee really was appreciated. Our sessions notoriously run long so it was great that we could take that extra 10 minutes rather than feel a slave to the schedule, when it really counted. • the additional facilities like the gym and bar were excellent for our team needs. We also really appreciated the easy access to the Thames running track and green space. • the Moor Hall layout really gave our team the chance to be together when we wanted and also spread out and get our own space and quiet time when we needed it too. • the close proximity of Cookham to wander out casually for meals at night has been greatly appreciated. It has given us appreciated flexibility and made the whole week feel more relaxed. The local restaurants have been amazing!

I can’t say enough Sam how much I have appreciated your amazingly professionalism in this experience!

I expect we’ll be back and I really look forward to it.

Posted by: Global Programme Manager on Thursday, March 08 2018

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