Moor Hall is our go to place for workshops...

Wednesday, April 04 2018

The workshop over at Moor Hall with you was fantastic, the room was great – as we also had a last minute request for another smaller room, there was no hesitation to support us with this for which we are extremely grateful.

Lunch in the restaurant was spot on, our table was reserved and there was plenty of food for all especially the three of us who are gluten free, we were given gluten free buns so we could enjoy the burgers on the menu!

Overall our experience on every occasion that we visit Moor Hall is excellent, all our needs are catered for to a high standard and Moor Hall is our go to place whenever a workshop offsite is required,

It’s great working with you and Daniel, Nicky, nothing is ever too much trouble and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Posted by: Telecomms company on Wednesday, April 04 2018

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